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Before starting any major solar project, the feasibility of the venture must first be established.

OFGEN provides a comprehensive suitable services for assessing the viability of a project in partnership with Stathmore University.

Such services includes:

Pre-feasibility and Detailed Feasibility Studies:

Feasibility studies can be conducted to assess the viability and profitability of a project. OFGEN frequently undertakes both initial and detailed feasibility studies for government and Private Organizations.  Weather preparing a proposal or assessing a proposal Ofgen can provide expert assistance. Our studies include Preliminary design, resource assessment, and options analysis.

Preliminary Design:

Preliminary designs for your project can be developed to identify panel and invert combinations or prepare documentation for grid connection.  Identifying risks and barriers to the smooth completion of your project in advance can reduce the likelihood of cost over-runs. Some risks are avoidable and others are able to be mitigated, we have the experience and foresight to work through the risks of your project with you.

Resource Assessment:

Ofgen can provide an initial resource assessment for any potential large scale site.  The range of data available to assess your sunlight and weather resources each have varying costs and accuracy which are appropriate for different applications. Ofgen draws on this range of available data to find the source that best meet the needs of your particular application. Ofgen then expertly assess, interpret, analyze and apply the data to your project.

Options Analysis:

Ofgen can help you identify the most financially profitable outcome to get your project on a winning track. This will include assessing whether a double axis tracking, single axis tracking or no tracking have the best financial outcome for your project.  Accurate budget estimates can be developed to determine either the total cost or component costs of a project. This can ensure a winning bid that is still profitable for the investor or allow the investor to compare what is a valid and complete quote.